Dr Maria Peraza Godoy

Known as the ‘clit-whisperer’, Urologist, Andrologist and Sexual Medicine expert, Dr. Maria Fernanda Peraza Godoy is developing the next generation of sex tech to teach women (and men) how to achieve

healthy pleasure.


In the last five years, Dr. Maria has created, innovated and disrupted the Sexual health industry, with breakthrough innovation, research, and expertise that is shaping every area of female sexual experience and frame it into Health. She received the 2012 Metges Rosselló Award from the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of the Balearic Islands for the best scientific work in Urology.


She has presented papers in several international congresses on issues related to Peyronie's disease, erectile dysfunction, infertility and male and female sexual dysfunctions. Dr. Maria Peraza is conducting research on the patterns of female sexual behavior, and she is also part of the Scientific Committee of the project Sex360, led by colleague Eduard Garcia-Cruz. Bridging the gap between health and Sex Tech, alongside her business partner Dominnique Karetsos, she aims to connect humanity with their own sexuality to change the language around pleasure. She is slowly building the core to empower women through their behavior around sex and knows this means changing the social rules starting with human connection.


Her research and issues discussed in the European speaker circuit is a Sex Positive movement with a huge human impact. Passionate about discussing the ignorance of the founding fathers of medicine, the

social need to shift our language and strengthen our Erotic Intelligence she is exposing the social silence that women have faced for centuries in many aspects and even in these times, to allow women to be in charge of their sexual life.


With strong opinions and data in pornography, sex education and the world of advertising, she knows that sex is still not socially accepted so she decided to do something about it and now she is part of the change she wants to see.

London | Barcelona | New York 

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