Discover Why Erectile Dysfunction Is Not The End Of Your Pleasure

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Erectile Dysfunction. A Woman's Problem

This eBook Will:

Show you your relationship is not broken. An erection doesn’t determine sexual desire and intimacy

Teach you how to rewrite your expectations for a fulfilled sex life.

Guide you through the three C’s: Connect, Communicate and Create new experiences of pleasure with your partner.

Separate fact from fiction about the penis and human sexuality.

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The only book for women experiencing ED in their love lives.

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A comprehensive, yet easy to read, guide surrounding ED.  I particularly like the fact that this book brings balance and clarity to the issues around ED and how partners and women can have a better understanding to support their partners who have such experiences - so as to continue to create pleasure and satisfying sexual experiences in their relationships.

Andrea Tan,  Love and intimacy Coach

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Learn new pleasures.
Reshape your love

Special launch price of £7.99


Author, Co-Founder & Director of  The Intimology School & Healthy Pleasure Lab Ltd, Head of Sexual Medicine


I wrote this book for women who love men. Our pleasure is in our own hands and we can take ownership of it. We just need to know how.

Learn How To: 

Separate Fact from Fiction about the penis and human sexuality.

Accept and Understand each other emotionally and physically.

Live and love pleasure fully and together.

Reshape your love living with erectile dysfunction.

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Pleasure before phallus. Discover why erectile dysfunction is not the end

Special launch price of £7.99