Kathryn Peterson

Kathryn is the founder of Yoga For Intimacy, a sexual wellness program that teaches simple yoga practices for enhancing pleasure. 


Since establishing her business in 2016, she has taught hundreds of private clients in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, and Minneapolis. Yoga For Intimacy helps people enhance their intimate connections, overcome sexual dysfunction, and stimulate fertility. 


Programming is founded on alignment-based yoga, Taoist sex energy cultivation, mindfulness-based stress reduction, and contemporary health science. In 2020, Kathryn lead Yoga For Intimacy in a teacher training initiative to dramatically scale the number of people who benefit from the program.


Kathryn’s work with Yoga For Intimacy has been featured by platforms including Bwom, PlayboyTV, Sex With Dr. Jess, and the Sexual Health Expo.


Kathryn has an extensive background in education and public health. She has worked as a researcher with the Newark Schools Collaborative, NYU Langone Medical Center, Rutgers School of Law, and the Women of Color Policy Network. She holds BA and MA degrees from New York University.

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