Nicolás Jaramillo Yakovleva

“I believe human sexuality concerns not only body sensations and pleasure (or the lack of it), but affections and mental health, is how we connect with our surrounding world and the people in it, how we erotize our relationships and express our intimate selves.

For this, working with the mind and body is primordial, connecting past, present and future, in order to release inner tension and conflict, to be able"


He is a Clinical Psychologist graduated from the PUCE (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador). A Sexologist, graduated from his Masters in Sexological Sciences from the University of Almería. Hypnotherapist, obtaining his Masters in Clinical Hypnosis from the International Clinical Hypnosis Association (SIHC).

EMDR Therapist - From the EMDR Iberoamerica and EMDR Spanish Association, specializing in dissociation, trauma and PTSD.

Conludica Groups Facilitator, Quito, Ecuador.


Couples therapist and masseur from a Bioenergetical perspective, to help couples and individuals connect and realese inner conflic both in mind and body as well as building desire and erotica.

Sexual educator, volunteering in Médicos del Mundo and in the Univesity of Almería.

Co-founder of Shanti Therapeutic Center in Quito, Ecuador.

Member of the Spanish Association of Sexological Intervention (S.E.I.S) (Sociedad Española de Intervención Sexológica).

Coordinator of the Sexual Communication Research Team (GICS) (Grupo de Investigación en Comunicación Sexual), in Almería, Spain.

Member of the International Clinical Hypnosis Association (SIHC) (Sociedad Internacional de Hipnosis Clínica).

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