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How to Make Sustainable New Years Resolutions (It's not too late!!)

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

When you want to make a lifestyle change, you must be properly motivated, which is exactly why New Year's resolutions don't work. It's like saying that you are going to seriously alter long-term behaviour starting February 3rd. It's an arbitrary number. The motivation is date-driven, and that is not proper motivation. It's not too late to make a sustainable New Year's resolution. In fact, it's never too late. Instead of focusing on the date, focus on the goal. 

Set your goal.

What is the goal? It should be specific, measurable, and attainable. Start small. Don't make broad resolutions like "living healthier." Instead, aim to make three people smile each day, or look in the mirror each morning and give yourself a compliment. Aim for emotionally healthy and attainable goals, and focus on the behaviour that will help you to reach that goal. 

It's okay to fail, but don't quit.

Additionally, give yourself some room for error. So many people's resolutions "fail" because of one bad day. A true resolution is never over. Don't let one day of weakness amount to a year of regret. This goes for any resolution. You can always begin again. Always. 

Don't impose your resolution on others. 

If your resolution involves working on your relationship, make sure you are working on yourself. You cannot impose your resolution on your partner even if you've discussed your goals together. Instead of making resolutions about not arguing or having more sex, make your resolution more personal. This could be showing more affection, being more understanding, or complimenting your partner more often. Trust me, this will lead to less arguing and more sex. 

Don't dread it. Celebrate it. 

The choice to make a positive lifestyle change should not be something that makes you unhappy. If it does, you need to re-evaluate your goals. It is tough to make changes, but don't lose sight of the reasons you are making the change. Celebrate your progress intermittently, and review your goals often. Resolutions are about making things better, and this needs to be remembered if you're going to make a resolution that is sustainable.

Sustainable resolutions can be made after January 1st. Set some goals, keep going (even if you falter), and be happy that you are making positive life changes. Life is too short to dwell on things we wish we would change, and a sustainable resolution puts you on the path to success. 


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