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Masturbation & Limited Mobility

With Enhance The Uk, Handi - Heather Morrison & Andrew Gurza

Enabling everyone to explore their own body in a way that works for them and away from shame, was central to our insightful conversation with some of the team from Enhance the UK. A disability-led charity that aims to change the conversation in the UK, their Undressing Disability campaign focuses specifically on Sex and Disabilities. The emphasis on inclusive education that represents all bodies, regardless of who is in the room, is a message that I can definitely get behind and one that we are going to keep pushing in our work at Intimology.

To hear more about why this is especially necessary when it comes to people with disabilities check out the video below.

To donate towards Enhance The UK - www.enhancetheuk.org/donate-today

Handi x Intimology Institue

63% of physically disabled people reported difficulties masturbating due to hand limitations. That's why we are delighted to be working with Handi during Masturbation Month; an innovative brand that is working to reduce this number to 0%. ⁠

"Most conversations around sex+disability are a bit basic - If they happen at all, they tend to start and stop at the mechanical 101, the ‘how-tos’ and the biology, never quite exploring the depth that lies just below the skin, shying away from the emotions and feelings that run deep within. ⁠
In celebration of Masturbation May, we decided to get up close and personal, asking the disabled community to voice their feelings around masturbation - their joys, frustrations, longings, delights and cravings when it comes to exploring their own bodies. ⁠
At Handi, we believe unearthing these emotions is vital because by listening to how disabled people have found pleasure for themselves, we may reimagine what pleasure is for everyone. We hope you connect with some of the quotes and would love for you to add your voice and share your feelings and emotions on the topic."


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