Erectile Dysfunction. A Women's Guide eBook

Erectile Dysfunction. A Women's Guide eBook


The only book for women experiencing ED in their love lives. Erectile Dysfunction. A Women's Guide is an eBook about acceptance and understanding and invites you to reposition and change your approach to erectile dysfunction. Rediscover intimacy and connect with new pleasures with this guide for living with erectile dysfunction. And for men reading this, we invite you to pleasure your partner, not perform for her.


This eBook will teach you how to:


Separate Fact from Fiction about the penis and human sexuality. Rewrite your expectations for a fulfilled sex life.


Reshape your love living with erectile dysfunction


Accept and Understand each other emotionally and physically


Show you your relationship is not broken. An erection doesn’t determine sexual desire and intimacy


Guide you through the three C’s: Connect, Communicate and Create new experiences of pleasure with your partner


Live and love pleasure fully and together.



      Page Length  45

      Language  English 

      Edition  1


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    Erectile Dysfunction. A Women's Guide eBook. Don’t compromise on pleasure and intimacy. Follow our guide for living beyond erectile dysfunction. 

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